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Welcome to the UROLOGY on-line doctors and patients information resource. This site was written and reviewed by Mr Syed Jaffry, Consultant Urological Surgeon, for information and education purposes only.

Established in 2005, Urology Ireland saw a need for information on Urological Surgery.

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Alkalize Your Body: pH of Saliva and Urine When your doctor orders blood tests, sometimes they will ask for an electrolyte panel. Contained in this panel is a test for pH of the blood. Optimal pH of the blood is 7.2. Inherently the body will do … More

Providing PVP Laser for Prostate

The Speed of Light Just Got Faster… GreenLight XPS™ More Power. Same Safety Profile. Fiber Longevity. Improved coagulation. …..the new generation laser After having performed more than 1600 of PVP procedures, and based on the excellent clinical results and … More

Providing Urolift procedure a Minimimally invasive treatment for Prostate obstruction.

Providing Laser treatment for stone disease